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By Mohamed Adel
On February 26th, the Egyptian singer “Ramy Essam” released the song “Balaha”; written by Galal El-Behairy and Ramy Essam. The singer is famous for his songs that he released during the revolution, so he is not a stranger when it comes to performing against the government and authorities. His old songs were big hits such as “taty taty”; but unfortunately his latest song wasn’t that much of a hit. An artist succeeds when he delivers his message in a classy style and in the right time. But people argue that he failed in achieving both. From lyrics to choreography to costume design, the song was heavily attacked by even his fans. Ramy Essam appears in the music video donning a white fur jacket with long hair and performing some very eccentric dance that many believe to be mismatching when it comes to the atmosphere of the song. The song was also criticised for having superficial lyrics and by no means did it have any creativity or depth. Not to mention of course that the song was released in a time of instability due to the military operations in Sinai and the upcoming presidential elections. Another point of view argued that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and that he was merely expressing his opinion the only way a singer knows how. The government on its part hasn’t taken any measures against the performer or his team and there are no signs of upcoming actions. Maybe that is to show that government does allow freedom of speech or maybe to show that is simply doesn’t care so as to show-off its power.

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