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Time is Everything

- By Fayrouz Khaled -

If i know anything about life, I know that it can be a miserable place. I know that nothing really goes according to the plan, and that sometimes you just have to accept it with every disappointment, with every challenge, with every hardship you pass.

There is no other choice but to accept it and go on with your life, but that's not it. The thing humans fail to understand is that time is everything. Time is the most important thing and we fail to notice that because it's not really a tangible thing; we can’t see it, we can’t touch it.  Time is so simple, yet complicated. If you realized that this second that just passed WILL NOT come back again. I think it will make  a huge difference for your mind-set. The problem is that we think we have time, but if we can control everything in our lives I guarantee you that the only thing you can never control is time. Time is there to remind us of value, and that's the value of life.

I might not be the wisest person in the world nor am I the most experienced, but if I am going to give advice to anyone I’m gonna tell them to “take care of the time”. You should not give anyone the chance to hurt you, more importantly, you should not give someone the time to make you feel hurt.

Hardships are part of life and without it we wouldn't change or learn or anything. But how you accept it and how you deal with it is everything. You should not give a space in your mind to think about him/her,that ,this ,anyone, or anything that causes you any little or large amount of pain.

You shouldn’t procrastinate or sit around saying that life didn’t give you what you please. You should let go and go on with your life and create your own standards and rules. You make your own life and your decisions and whether you fail or succeed, your are the one who makes the choice.

Where do you want to be? Who you want to be? How are you going to get there? And how much effort you are willing to put to get there? If only people just realized how precious time is, I think we will not waste time ever again.

I don’t want people to get paranoid and start panicking about how they have wasted years on depression or on failed relationships. no, not at all. What I mean is that you start investing in your time by working harder, laughing harder, spend it with people that gives you good vibes, etc...a time well invested is a time you invest in your self.

1- Love yourself

2- Love your self

3- Accept yourself

4- Again love yourself

5- Building your own self

6- Managing your goals

7- Writing down your hopes and dreams

8- Having fun

9- Not giving a chance to anyone to take up space in your mind that will cause you or lead you to any negativity

10- Having fun

11- Living more

12- Waste it on the people that actually care like family

13- Travel more

14- Love yourself again

There are so many ways to invest in the time you have, if only you realize the value time has, you will certainly never waste a simple second ever again.

PS. I hate number 13 so I had to add another love yourself towards the end.

Peace-out world  *giving-out some love* <3


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