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Mansheyyet Nasser

By Mohammed Adel
On Thursday, the 22nd of February a four floor building located in a neighbourhood called “Mansheyyet Naser” fell down with no apparent or officially stated reason. The Ministry of Health released an official statement that the casualties were at 12 deaths including one 3 year old dead child and 16 others injured. Of the people pulled out from the rubble, a child of five months died while receiving treatment in an ambulance. Other than the two dead children, the injuries were mild to moderate except for a female that suffered from a broken pelvis and a five year old child that suffered from a broken hip. The Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Rady, ordered that “El Sheikh Zayed” hospital and other hospitals and medical institutions in the area be completely prepared to receive anyone who was involved in the horrible incident. This is not the first time that this area was subject to an incident similar to that one. “Mansheyyet Naser” was subject to two rocky collapses in the past in 1993 and 2008. The main concern is that the people living there are of low financial status. The habitants affected by the collapse most likely have nowhere else to go as they are of the working class and they can barely scrape by. But the government is now studying the potential of moving the victims to “Al Asmar7at” neighborhood. The fate of the families is still unknown and it is unclear if the government will take precautions to prevent further disasters or at least be prepared if such an incident would repeat itself.

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