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6 Signs you Haven't Let Go

- By Salma Galal -
As we are humans, we know people and we get too close to them, then life happens! People end-up becoming strangers again, so here are some signs that you haven't moved on from the person you have lost: Re-reading your old conversations: It's the most wrong thing we do whenever we drift apart from someone, we start to re-read our old conversations and remember our moments together, we even listen to their voice notes and start sobbing all day long. Listening to your special songs: Well, that's my favorite part actually! We head to the music file, start searching for the songs that we used to listen to and sing them together; welcome to your worst night ever! Stalking them: It's a very obvious sign I guess, and most of us have done it. We start considering it as a daily habit; we eat, we take a shower, we stalk our ex-friends/boyfriends/girlfriends or whatever, and it's the worst thing ever as we will never move on by doing this. Thinking of them 24/7: If you think of them all the time, you aren't moving-on for sure! We start to relate every little thing on our day to them, which is going to drive us insane as soon as we remain like this. You insist on not deleting your photos together: If you have done this before, trust me you are not letting them go. You wish they were here: Every time you get happy or sad you think of them directly, and you wish they were here to listen to you and to share your day's details with each other, congratulations you haven't let them go!

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